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Beany March 24th, 1943

June 10

California-Arizona Desert Maneuver Area

California-Arizona Desert Maneuver Area

“Dear J. & J.,

We rode three days and nights getting here and what a place. We are at a base camp about 20 miles from Yuma, Ariz.. It is about 25 to Mexico and around 200 to L.A. We are in a valley that is surrounded by mountains. There is nothing but deep sand, sagebrush and cactus. The wind blows constantly and the sand (dobie dust) sifts into everything.

We have about a dozen showers for the entire battalion and shaving is done in cold water. I guess laundry is unheard of. It gets about 90º above during the day but it is dry heat and you don’t perspire much. At night it drops about 40 degrees and we use three blankets to keep warm.

We are in tents- the constant dust seems to be the worst thing along with the scarcity of water. I hope you sent the glasses as I really need them both for glare and dust. We may be here about three months and then to a camp on the coast but they should interview me before then. (I hope).

I was glad to hear you were able to get home and to bring Dolores along. She said she had a marvelous time. Don’t forget Milly and Lorne’s birthday next week.

I’m enclosing a letter Lorne wrote to me while he was at sea on his way to Guadalcanal. He has undoubtedly been thru some rough experiences.

If I get a chance I’ll try to get a camera and take some pictures of this desolate place- the mtns are pretty.

Nothing much else to write about but if you ever want to send anything make it cigarettes, gum, double edge blades or candy. They aren’t very easy to get. This damn dust is even plugging up my pen.

I’m busy on charge of quarters so I’ll write more when I get some time off.



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