Milly March 29th, 1943

June 15

Bette Davis Serves Birthday Cake

Bette Davis Serves Birthday Cake

“Dear Kids,

Thanks so much for the beautiful blouse and card- I like it so much. It will look nice with my suit. I got so many nice things and had a nice birthday. Will tell you all about it when I see you.

The dress goods are very nice, Jean. I got rick-rack here so if you haven’t already bought it, you needn’t. I’ll pay you for it and the ticket when I come down. Is that alright? I think Mom will come along to get a new spring coat. She doesn’t feel so well tonight- there’s a lot of flu around. That’s probably what she’s got.

We had a letter from Beany- he didn’t sound too cheerful, especially about the sands.

See you soon. I’ll go to Ward’s Fri. night.



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