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Cliff April 5th, 1943

June 21

Garden Of the Gods

Garden Of The Gods

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I just finished reading a letter from Beany. It sounds as if they are in a h – - – of a place down there. He talks about the sand, heat, bugs and snakes. I hope he gets out of there soon to go to O.C.S.

I received the box you sent and I also got one from Hada the same day. She sent oranges, cookies, doughnuts and a box of cracker jacks. Thanks a lot for the goodies – it was swell of you to send them.

I heard from Milly a couple of days ago. She had a nice birthday, she said, and received many nice gifts.

By the time you get this, they will have spent a weekend with you. How did you enjoy the ‘Ice Follies’? I’ve never seen a show like that but I’ve heard that it is a big attraction.

The weather is very nice here and I don’t expect we’ll have any more bad weather. It is very dry, though, and I hope we get some rain soon. We had our usual bivouac this week. We visited a place called the ‘Garden of the Gods’ so it was an interesting trip even if we did walk fifteen miles with a full field pack, gas mask, etc. This ‘Garden of the Gods’ is made up of odd rock formations.

I received Dolores’ letter and also one from Inga. I expect that Dolores will leave soon for her training site. Being on a 48-hour notice or whatever it is must be quite a suspense. I’ll bet she is anxious to leave now that she has been accepted.

I’m staying in camp tonight to write some letters. I don’t like to go to town right after pay-day because it’s too crowded everywhere.

I saw a couple of shows this week and had a steak dinner along with a few highballs on Thursday night. These restaurants are usually out of half the things on their menus but once in a while you can get what you want.

Buck Karstadt is in Tennessee on maneuvers now – no doubt they are in the same area that Beany’s outfit worked in last fall.

Thanks again for the box of goodies! Hope you all had a good time over the weekend. Bye for now.



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