Beany April 11th, 1943

June 28

Desert Maneuvers

Desert Maneuvers

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

This picture at the top pretty well describes the surrounding country here. I’m getting used to it now and don’t mind it as much as at first.

I got your box ysterday and I thank you very much- I enjoyed getting some good blades. We have some better P.Ex. service now and can get all the cigarettes and candy we want so you needn’t send anymore.

My recommendation went in for sergeantry two days ago so next week some time I’ll be a tough sergeant. I probably won’t be a sergeant more than a couple of months because I just returned from the examining board for O.C.S. and I think I made it O.K. If I did I still will have to take a physical exam and then will have to wait for my call.

The quoata for our division is quite small now so it may be some time. My company commander was on the board and he thinks I’m O.K. so I think I passed. I certainly hope so. Will let you know in the next letter. Most of the questions were about my past- they are mostly interested in a persons leadership ability.

Sorry I haven’t written more but I will from now on as I am settled better.

I guess Dolores is almost in the Navy now- she seemed to be rather anxious to get started. I think the change will do her good and once it’s over she’ll be glad she was part of it.

Nice to hear you are taking such good care of our bus. I would like to drive it again if I still know how. So long for today,


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