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Cliff April 15th, 1943

July 1

Bivouac Chow Time, Camp Carson

Bivouac Chow Time, Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Well, it’s time I was writing you again- I received your letter last night. I also heard from the folks, Lila Wells, Buck K., Dolores, and a couple of army boys the last couple of days so I have some letter writing to do again.

You have all heard from Beany but he hasn’t answered my last letter yet- I’ve only gotten one card from him since he went to Arizona. He told me that he was near Yuma, Arizona and you write as if he was in Cal. Just what state is he in, anyhow?

Today we have been out on a combined hike and bivouac. We rode in trucks to the base of the mountains and then walked nine miles to the bivouac area where we had dinner. It was cloudy today and most of the time we were walking in the clouds so we couldn’t see very far. After a couple of hours rest we hiked four miles and then rode back to camp.

Those jaunts keep a fellow in shape but I have gained weight anyway since I was home last. I weigh over 190 lbs again- this climate must agree with me.

The boys are getting furloughs again now. I would like to come home after Milly finishes school but I don’t know for sure whether I should wait or not. I may go back to hospital duty the 15th of May and if I do there will be no chance for a furlough while I’m there.

Each month they send a new group to all departments of the hospital and I’m about due to go back about then. I plan to see the officer in charge about leaving here around the 12th of May- of course, leaves are granted and then cancelled so often that a fellow can’t depend too much on anything. I’ll let you know more about it later.

Well, I see you are getting along fine and are both feeling O.K. Take it easy on the beer, Jerry, or your ulcers may come back again. Do you think you may be called to the army again? Around fifty men in our outfit have been discharged for over-age. We have gotten about that many new men.

Dad wrote that he is glad to be on the job again and that he isn’t doing very much himself- I wonder! He always did work hard. Mom is having their house papered, too, she said. She is also planting flowers and a garden.

I wrote to Lorne the other night- a V-mail letter. Are you writing to him very often? I’m really ashamed that I haven’t done so. I hope that he can get back to the States soon.

Lila wrote that Bob Rooney had been killed in Africa- you went to school with him, didn’t you, Jerry? Some Halvorson boy from near home has been wounded, too- bad news! I ‘spose you’ve heard about Ole Veum’s daring action over there.

Well, no more news, so bye for now. Hope to see you soon!



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