Nellie April 15th, 1943

July 4

Malaria field hospital, Guadalcanal

Malaria field hospital, Guadalcanal

“Dearest Kids,

I sent you two loaves of bread. It wasnt very good this time, but you can use it for toast. Guess I put to much yeast in it.

Milly had a 1/2 sheet letter from Lorne and sais hes in a hospital with malaria. He couldnt write much cause he was pretty sick. Sure to bad for Lorne. Milly is just all up in the air how she worries so.

Susan is visiting with Ruth Payne today. I cleaned my stove today and when I was thru all you could see (white) on me was my teeth. Such a dirty job. I’m cleaning my 3 kitchens next week and also starting upstairs.

Much love, Mom”

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