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Beany April 15th, 1943

July 5

Desert Maneuvers

Desert Maneuvers

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Well, my title is still Corp. but as soon as the papers clear, it will be Sergeant, d’ya hear?

I had my O.C.S. interview last Saturday and I heard that I was accepted. I will have to take a physical and then wait for my call. Our division quota is small so it may be a couple of months yet. I was a little shaky at first but they put you at ease. There were two Captains and a 1st Looie on the board. My Company Commander was one of them so he perhaps gave me a good plug.

A lot of the questions were personal and concerned my background and all that I ever done from my infancy until the present. They want to find out how active you are and most of all, your leadership ability.

I sent the pictures on to Cliff tonight and they were very good. I took 16 snaps on a problem the other day but it will be sometime before they are developed but in time I’ll send them around to you all to see.

By the way, I’ve already cracked my glasses but I’ll try to get a pair around here if I ever get out of this forgotten valley. They may send a train to L.A. next week so I may get a glimpse of Hollywood.

Our training is still mild and we are learning how to operate in terrain like this. Our big maneuvering will start in a couple of weeks. We have some cool cloudy days but we are getting used to the hot ones. The air is dry as heck and your face chaps and cracks.

I have a lot to write and my time is limited so adios for tonight.

Love, Beany”

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