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Nellie April 20th, 1943

July 6

House cleaning, 1940s

House cleaning, 1940s

“Dearest Kids,

We rec’d your letter thanks. I’m so tired tonite I just shake. Sarah and I cleaned the cellar and the two kitchens. We started Monday morning. There is so many places to clean. I only have four cupboards to clean out. Tomorrow we are cleaning the third kitchen and the front porch and the coat room. Thurs we start upstairs. May do some of the closets tomorrow to. You should see how clean and nice my kitchens are. It will be nice when we get all three.

We had letters from both the boys. Sure glad for Beany. He must have been pretty tickled the day he wrote the last letter cause it sure was cheerful. And to think Cliff is coming home soon. Why kids I can hardly wait to see him again.

This time I am meeting him in the Cities cause last time he come he asked me to meet him and I couldnt so now I am.

Milly was to have vacation this week and Sun nite they called her from school here and wanted her to teach kindergarten this week as their teacher was called home on account of her Dad very sick. So she is teaching in town this week. She has good Friday off tho.

Dad’s stomach has bothered him these last two weeks. He has so much gas on his stomach. Tonite he come home from work quite bad. His stomach was so bloated. Guess he cant stand the work but seems so he has to be there.

I would have liked to send you bread for Easter Sunday but really I dont think I’ll bake. When I clean it gets to much for me so when you come out home I’ll give you bread to take home with you.

Milly had a letter from Lorne a few days ago and he was taken out of were he is now and was taken in a plane to some were else. Milly doesnt know were. I forgot if I wrote and told you about this. She thinks hes on some Island.

Well guess I must close and lay down for awhile. Greetings from us all and come home when you can.

Love Mom”

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