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Beany April 20th, 1943

July 7

Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

The papers still haven’t come thru for my sergeantry but should soon or by the first of next month. I have good news tho- I found out officially I have been accepted for O.C.S. and yesterday I had a rigid physical exam so now I just wait my call and off to Ga. to try to join the Commissioned ranks.

I am happy about that and certainly hope I make the grade because being an officer is a hell of a lot better both socially and financially. I think the base pay is around $150 per and you are also allotted a small amount for rations. After you pay your board, laundry, club dues, etc. I think you can clear a little over a hundred.

I also think they give you a $300 clothing allotment which covers almost everything you need. It used to be $150 so I’m not too sure about that. They say you haven’t time to do a darn thing but study for three months and it a heck of a grind but I can stand that.

I may not get anywhere to remember your anniversary but I send my glad tidings- It doesn’t seem that long ago since that day I kept you from getting nervous.

Glad to hear you are healthy again- I’ve lost weight out here but I’ve acquired a beautiful tan and feel excellent physically but mentally and morally I need a good weekend of recreation to cure that.

I know I won’t get a leave until after my schooling but then if I pass I’ll get a few days extended traveling time while going to my asigned post and then I’ll look pretty snappy in my tailored officer’s togs. I’m wishing too much.

As ever,


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