Lorne May 5th, 1943

July 14

Aerial Evacuation, Guadalcanal

Aerial Evacuation, Guadalcanal

“Dear Mom and Pop,

Just a line to let you know that I am O.K. again, and will soon be back on the job in the same place. I had quite an airplane trip when I was flown out but I was too sick to appreciate it, and I have spent a very enjoyable month down here convalescing, but I’ll be going back now as soon as the necessary transportation can be arranged.

I wish there was something brilliant or witty that I could write, but there just isn’t. In fact I want to apologize for the briefness of these notes but anything interesting is censorable and anyway this whole thing becomes pretty monotonous now that we have cleared the Japs out. I suppose it’s true of every war though, the hardest and dreariest periods have to be lived through someway, and they all go to make a successful ending.

So long for now.

Love, Lorne”

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