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Milly May 11th, 1943

July 26

Surgical dressing unit, Red Cross

Surgical dressing unit, Red Cross

“Dear Kids,

I got your letter, Jean and like that sample very much so if you have time I’d like you to get me 4 1/2 yds. If you happen to see lace or trimming that would go nicely with it, send the same amount of that- 4 1/2 yds. Or perhaps you could keep it until this weekend and I can get it from you then. I’m really ashamed the way I keep you busy buying stuff for me- I know how much time it takes. Perhaps I can repay you in some way sometime!

Mom and I drove to Monte Sat. evening. I got a pair of red play shoes at Wards there. They’re only size 5 but 6 wouldn’t stay on my feet. Hope they’ll be comfortable. I’d like to get some beige ones too or perhaps some blue.

A letter from you was in the box this morning. I won’t finish this until after I read it. I didn’t dare take it out here- Mom would have a fit! I had 2 letters from Lorne this morning. He is convalescing in some big estate by the sea (where??!!) which has been taken over by the Red Cross. He must be in New Caledonia. He says it’s a beautiful place. He expected to be there 10 days so perhaps has already left there. The last letter was written April 29th.

I had a letter and Mom a Mother’s Day card with $2 in it from Dolores. No doubt you have heard, too, by now.

I’m sure you kids had a nice anniversary. We went out for dinner and Mom and I wore the pink carnations we got at the Mother’s Day program out at school. In the evening we all went to see Mickey Rooney in ‘A Yank at Eton’.

Dad’s stomach has been bothering him pretty much- the Dr. says he may have either ulcers or gall stones. He’s taking some medicine but so far it doesn’t seem to help much. He can hardly lie down tonight- it wants to choke him. He’s lying on the davenport against propped-up pillows. Gosh sakes, it’s one thing after another to worry about.

Guess I’d better close and get to bed- it’s almost midnight. I’ve been to surgical dressings class.

See you this weekend. Love from us all,


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