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Nellie May 13th, 1943

July 27

Doctor visit

Doctor visit

“Dearest Kids,

We can’t say for sure if Dad & I will come Sunday morning or not. Dad was home Tues and Wed sick and Tues afternoon I got an attack of gallstone spell. Dr was here 7:15 and 9:30 and gave me two hypo and  morphine pill before he could relieve my pain and I’m terrible weak yet. Guess I’ve worked to hard during cleaning.

He was pretty worried about me as he called again last nite. Dad’s so weak to, its his stomach and heart that is acting up. He went out today again but is pretty weak tonite.

If we dont feel better we cant come. Milly and Susan is coming down Friday nite on 16 and she’ll call you if we come or not. Don’t worry we will be O.K.


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