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Beany May 22nd, 1943

August 8

Practicing with an M-1 Rifle

Practicing with an M-1 Rifle

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I just came in off the field and have some time off for a change. I meant to send you a greeting on your anniversary and also your birthday, which is soon- but I never got out of here to buy anything. So I’ll send your birthday greetings now. It hardly seems a year ago since you kids were married but time marches on.

I heard that they may call off all air corp and O.C.S. applications so I am leary about it. Maybe they are planning to end this outfit somewhere. We are scheduled to be here until the middle of July which will make a total of sixteen weeks.

Dolores has written twice and she seems to enjoy everything- I suppose she has told you all about it. I sent her some pictures awhile back that you should be getting soon.

Well, the preliminary bout is over in Africa and now for the main event. I’ll bet those kids from Appleton are glad to get a rest- they had a pretty tough time of it.

We are firing just about every weapon in the Infantry out here. I have had some good scores on almost every range. They also have built some tough obstacle courses and we fired live ammunition at targets as we ran thru. One course was 500 yds long- first you start running, climb a 10 ft wall, crawl thru barbed wire, jump in and out of pits, go thru a thick jungle full of thorns, walk a 2 by 4 over a pit full of cactus and barbed wire, shoot at 20 some targets and at the end a tank comes at you and you jump in a hole while he runs over you. I done this in 5 minutes- how would you like to trip thru that before going to work. Just an example of how they toughen us up.

Not much news to write about. Have you been fishing yet?

As ever,


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