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Nellie June 16th, 1943

September 8

Johnson's Floor Wax

Johnson's Floor Wax

“Dear Kids,

Well here I am again. Today has been a big day for me. I washed the floors upstairs and waxed them and wax my downstairs floor but the three kitchens am waxing them Saturday and wash doilies, some curtains and also been out in the garden besides. So I’m tired tonite.

I have to go to Past Noble meeting at Melvin Ronnings at 8:30 tonite. They have a short meeting then we play whist for prizes. So I’m sure going to try my luck.

We had 2 X-ray pictures taken of Dad’s bladder and Doctor found his liver inlarged and his bladder has been pushed down on account of it. So he gave him some pills for that. Really today he has felt good and yesterday we took him to Dr Bergh and he put that machine on him for his heart trouble and he said (his heart was bad) and he wants him to come down next Tues again at 9 oclock for a stomach picture. So we sure try our best for him.

I think Dad has gained some and he sure eats very good. Milly and about 8 other girls (her friends) are having supper in the park tonite and Susan is up to Jennie Paynes. She is coming home about 8 oclock so I can go.

I wrote the boys letters last nite. Milly said she had sent you a card about a suit for Dad. Try to get a brown wide stripe if you can. Guess he dont care for green or blue. Spose they are hard to get what one wants. He sais he dont need a suit to sit home but we dont pay much attention to that.

Well must close and take a bath. Will be seeing you love birds pretty soon. Much Love and greetings from us.

Mom & Dad

Write soon. When are you coming?”

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