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Cliff July 13th, 1943

September 22

Soldiers with captured Japanese flag, Guadalcanal

Soldiers with captured Japanese flag, Guadalcanal

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Received your letter today- seems to me I wrote you a letter more recent than the one in which I sent the money. Maybe it was lost.

So you are leaving Tittle’s for a new job, Jerry. I’ll bet it will seem funny not to be there anymore. Of course, you will be making more money at the new place and you may have things easier, too. What did Lawrence say when you told him?

Mom wrote about your weekend at Appleton. She said everyone had a good time. You had better take your folks along again, Jean, when you go to Appleton.

By now you’ve seen Dolores- how many days leave did she get? I’ll bet she looks nice in her uniform.

Did you display the Jap flag in Tittle’s shop window? Mom wrote that you called Milly about it. No doubt there is a gruesome story behind the capturing of that flag. I wonder if Lorne took part in the latest action in the Solomons.

There is usually a change in schedule the 15th of each month so I’m not sure whether I’ll continue in the hospital or not, but I sure hope to anyway. We have about fifty nurses now and several more doctors. They will be training in the hospital, too. The boys are getting furloughs so there’s no indication of leaving here at the present.

So much for tonight- I’m writing to Beany and the folks, too.

Love, Cliff”

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