Milly July 26th, 1943

October 4

MacArthur Smoking Cigar

MacArthur Smoking Cigar

“Dear Kids,

Well, I survived but I had quite a trip home- I was sitting right on the top of the wheels in the back of the coach! I’m sorry as heck I had to embarrass you, Jerry and also spoil the treat of pork tenderloins. I’ll take a raincheck on that for the next time I come down!

I had 2 letters from Lorne waiting for me and also got 8 today. He said he just got your cigars and that I should thank you because he has lost your address. He feels O.K. now. I guess. Susan got an awfully sweet letter from him for her birthday.

Mom will write you tonight. Everyone is O.K. here- but its awfully hot!

Love from us all- Milly”

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