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Beany July 26th, 1943

October 5

Desert Training Center Camp

Desert Training Center Camp

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I’m a little late again but most of my spare moments are spent trying to keep cool. It really is a scorcher here now- I honestly believe this is the hottest place in this country. As one fellow put it: If we are doomed to ever do it- we are now spending our hitch in hell and he’s not far wrong. Oh well, only a couple more weeks and then we should shove off.

If I get another leave it won’t be until late in Sept. or Oct. as none of our newer men have had furloughs and they get priority. We are doing a lot of basic things again such as parades, inspections and the like and it’s miserable after you’ve been on a few maneuvers because you don’t stand all those crappy formations and formalities.

I’m anxious to hear about your new work. It sounds O.K. to me and if you plan to get a shop some day it will prove very beneficial working in a smaller place. I was just thinking that with your talent and my brains we ought to be partners in a place after the war. It might work out alright but remember to count each penny. Remember our old grocery cup and the boxes? Those were the days.

I sent Cliff a few pictures of Linda Darnell and others that you’ll get later from Dolores.

Well kiddos, news is scarce and the heat is terrific so I’ll close for now. We drill at night now instead of P.M. because of the heat. Did you get the news? Hey- do you guys always clean house? Oh yes, I’ll remind you again about that insurance.

Love, Beany”

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