Nellie July 28th, 1943

October 6

WAC Women Playing Bridge

WAC Women Playing Bridge

“Dearest Kids,

I want to thank you so much for our gift. Did we ever like it. Now I can set the table for 12. Thanks again. I sure have some lovely kids.

I should have wrote you Sun but its been so hot I just cant do anything. Milly told me about her getting so sick Friday nite. She should not drink as she always gets sick for it. Next Friday nite she is entertaining bridge. Its a farewell party for Ruth Payne. Shes having 4 tables. They are all bringing 25¢ each for a gift for Ruth. Milly is serving home made ice cream and angle food cake and shes giving prizes for high and low. Shes having all the big shooters in town.

Susan and I were coming down to spend Winne’s brithday with her but cant now as I have to help Milly. We may come down next week. Jean will you call her Mother and Dad and thank them for the two lovely cards. I’ll write to them one day this week tell her.

I have to write to Beany and Cliff also tonite. We got letters from both the boys. Beany has lost 15 lbs. He asked me to send him a box of penny matches so I sent them each a box yesterday and Mpls papers. Guess they are hard to buy at Arizona. Am glad hes out of that dusty desert.

Grandma Peterson is still here. Going to stay all this week I guess. Dad is fine busy taking care of Sniffy and Susan.

Today I cleaned my flower beds out good. My flowers look so nice. I would have gone fishing tonite but I have to write letters to my kids in place. I have had a card and 2 letters from Dolores and she sent me a snap shot of herself. She had dinner with Milly at Fort Sheridan. Spose she told you.

I’m doing some canning every day. We are glad you like your new job Jerry. I bet Littles miss you. When do you kids plan to come home again. Come whenever you can.

Well kids no news around here so must close for now. Thanks again for gift and lovely card.

Much love from us all.


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