Milly July 30th, 1943

October 10

Marvella Pearls Advertisement

Marvella Pearls Advertisement

“Dear Jean,

Seems as if I’m always asking you to do favors for me. Now here comes another- I’m having a farewell party for Ruth tomorrow night. We’re all contributing toward a gift- There will be $5.50 in all. We’d like to give her a strand of pearls similar to mine but the cheapest one here is $7.50, then $8.00, $13.00 and $25.00.

I know they’ve gone up but if you can find one for around $5.00, would you mind sending it? I’ll have to substitute mine at the party. They’ll be leaving about Thurs. of this next week- so anytime before that is O.K.

I’m sending a little extra to cover postage, insurance, etc.

Thanks heaps, Jean.



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