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Cliff July 31st, 1943

October 11

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Your letter came in a few minutes ago. I’ve got plenty of time now so thought I’d answer right away.

I had hoped to get out of the hospital this weekend but I guess they will keep me until the first part of next week. I’m O.K. and feeling fine- there’s just a slight swelling and a little redness on my cheek yet. I’ve been reading a lot to pass the time away. Beside writing letters, that’s about all there is to do.

So Milly got ‘stinko’ and sick on your little party the other night. Seems like she can’t stand liquor- I think her stomach is weak when it comes to things like that. I didn’t get to send her or the folks anything for an anniversary gift. I also skipped up on Winnie’s birthday. This coming to the hospital kinda threw me off schedule. I did send home a dollar yesterday toward buying a gift for Susan.

That’s nice getting Wednesday afternoon off, Jerry. I ‘spose you have supper all ready for Jean on those nights, eh?

I don’t expect another furlough for quite a while yet. I’ve only been back here two months. I intend to try, though around the first of Oct. if we should happen to be around here that long.

When are you going to Appleton again? I imagine the fishing is poor out there now during the hot weather. Well, I hope to be out of the hospital the next time I write. So long for now.

Love, Cliff”

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