Nellie August 1st, 1943

October 12

Summer Heat, 1943

Summer Heat, 1943

“My Dear Little J & J,

Boy oh boy its hot today. Milly and I baked 2 kinds of cookies as we expect company Mon nite on No 5. Charley and Jennie are coming. He has a weeks vacation. I dont know how long they expect to stay. Milly is having a party for Susan Tues. so her grandma and grandpa Ward will be here to.

We had a letter from the boys yesterday and poor Cliff has been sick. We had a letter again today and said he was better and expected to go to work again Mon. He said he had wrote to you and Beany said its so hot were he is. Only shade they have is from their tents. I’m sending a box to then Monday.

I havent yet sent your box Jerry but wait till you come home. I’ll send back preserves for you. I’ll give you cookies to. But you know our poor boys needs things sent to them. They can’t get everything were they are.

Milly had a nice party for Ruth. She had 5 tables of bridge. Paynes leave next Thurs. I bought 21 qts of juices, sauce, and mixed vegetables ready for soup from Ruth at 20¢ a qt. and Milly bought a tricycle for Susan and a large coffee pot for picnics. Shes selling almost everything.

You must excuse my writing as its so d – - hot I sweat so writing and am writing to all you kids. Some job.

Am glad you like your new job Jerry. Beany wrote he thinks its O.K. Some practice if you get a shop of your own. He sais you boys may go partnership when he gets back, poor fellow.

Dad wants to go to the Cities now and visit around but he said he dont get any chance. We may later part of the week. All depends on how long Wards stay.

Milly had 8 letters from Lorne one day this last week and 3 today. He’s fine.

We are going to show tonite. Its ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home’. Jean is it hot at work? I wrote your mother a letter this week and told them to come here again before fishing season was over with. It will be nicer to come after it cools off some. One would get baked in this heat.

Susan is shaking the table so I can hardly write. She always does when I write. She got a letter for you.

Well so long and will drop you a line during the week. Hope you kids are fine.

Much love, Mom”

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