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Beany August 3rd, 1943

October 13

Mortar Setup, Desert Maneuvers

Mortar Setup, Desert Maneuvers

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I just returned from another 6 day problem. My mortar section was attached to a rifle platoon that was being tested. We walked for six days and some nights and ate only ‘C’ rations (vile stuff). That should wind up our field work except for ordinary drill and we should leave in a week or two.

A notice came thru stating that they suspended all 8th division transfers such as O.C.S., Air Corps, etc. One fellow said it was for ninety days but I think it’s only pending this move. So I don’t know if I’ll ever get a crack at becoming an officer. If the Allies keep going it won’t matter much. All I care to be is a civilian again.

I’m glad your new job is easier and you like it so well. Has the draft board been bothering you? I read that they wouldn’t draft anymore fathers so ____!

Coney wrote me and he is still somewhere in Tenn. on maneuvers so I may get to see him again.

I sent Cliff some pictures you will get thru Dolores- none of me tho. I look too skinny right now. Have you a steak around that you can ship me?

I went into Yuma a week ago and had about six rums- the first drinks since I was home and I felt good on them.

Well kiddo’s- no news here that you couldn’t read in the papers. I’ll try to let you know when I leave altho it’s a military secret.

I asked Dolores what she would like for her birthday and she said a wrist identification bracelet with D.M. Swanstrom on it and her serial number 704-18-30- so will you shop around for a good one and if you find one buy it and send or else write for the money. Thanks. I think she likes yellow gold better than white.

Sgt Nelson

Send these picture back d’ya hear!”

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