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Nellie August 5th, 1943

October 17

Women With Strollers In The Park, August 1943

Women With Strollers In The Park, August 1943

“Dearest Kids,

Milly, Jennie and I just came back from Howard’s. Bee and her mother just came in and they are eating ice cream now as Jennie bought a qt and took home on way from Howard’s. Bee is mailing a letter for herself so I thought I’d better drop you kids a line.

Wards came Mon nite on No 5 and is going home Sat eve on 6. Charlie sure enjoys the fresh air out here. They sure are having a good time. Bee and kids are home so we sure are asked to coffee parties. Its Ruth, Bee, Jody, Frances Little and Milly and all the mothers. So we have many parties between us.

Milly had a party for Susan and she sure got many pretty gifts and in the evening we had the girls and their mothers. We played whist and bridge and had prizes. Today Iverson’s had a party in the park.

Dad and I had planned to come to the Cities Sat nite but Milly and Susan are going back with Bee for a week so that trip is blown over. Dad wants to visit his folks and you all but Milly is always on a go so we cant do anything. We dont want to leave Sniffy alone. Lila would take care of him but I dont believe in that so we will come when they come back.

We had a letter from Cliff and hes better now but he was still in the hospital Sun. I have more then worried about him.

Susan liked her dog so well and Milly said to thank you and she will write to you. She got the beads to. Thank you Jean. You are so nice to get things for us. We’ll remember you for that.

I wont tell you what Susan got till later in my next letter. I havent gotten her anything yet. I dont even get a chance to get downtown. Busy all the time.

We got a check from Beany yesterday and one form Cliff today from government. $47.00 from each. I hate to take this from them. I would rather work myself.

Well kids come home soon. I’m lonesome to see you. I’ll give you preserves when you come.

Good nite and lets hear from you soon. Greetings from us all.


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