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Nellie August 8th, 1943

October 20

Hello, Frisco, Hello 1943

Hello, Frisco, Hello 1943

“My Dearest Kids,

Is it ever storming out just now. Its pitch dark and blowing and raining. Its 7 oclock I have the lights on. I really am afraid but I’m still writing.

I have been upset all day as we had a letter from Beany and he wrote that the O.C.S. is suspended and he didnt know what would turn up. The letter didnt sound very good to us. Did you here from him and what did he say in your letter.

I’m feeling so bad and Cliff was still in the hospital last Tues when he wrote but he expected to leave the hosp. Wed. He said he was pretty weak. He must have been pretty sick.

We got $47.00 from each of the boys this last week but I’m putting $10.00 from each check in the bank each month for them so they will have when they come home again. We dont need it all with the insurance and what Milly gives us. I wrote and told them so.

Wards left last nite on No 6, they sure enjoyed it all. We showed them a good time. They hated to go back.

Dad and I are alone and it seems nice to rest as we have had company so much lately. The storm is letting up and after I get thru with this letter Dad and I are going to show. Its ‘Hello Frisco Hello’.

When are you coming home. We sure would like to see you soon. Its over a month now. We plan to come down tho after Milly comes home. We cant leave Sniffy alone.

I’m sweating so this paper is getting wrinkles. Its so close in the house. I have all the doors and windows shut so it wont rain in. Sniffy is afraid of the storm.

Susan got so many nice gifts and cards. You will see them all when you come up.

Harry Norby and Janice Blank were married today. They left on 16 for Cal. were he is stationed. He came yesterday from there and left tonite. I bet his mother felt bad to have him only one day.

Well I have wrote 3 letters to you now and no answer at tall. Must close and please let us know what the boys say in your letters. I worry so now about those poor kids. I know you kids are O.K.

Greet your folks Jean and I’ll write again soon. I have to can some this week.

We love you so much. Be careful.

Love Mom and Dad”

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