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Beany August 25th, 1943

October 27

The Barracks At Camp Forrest

The Barracks At Camp Forrest

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Well, we made the trip O.K. and arrived here last Saturday. Since then I have been busy shaking the dust out of my equipment.

They have us on a rough schedule already which includes a hell of a tough physical training program. We do push ups, double time every where we go and run obstacle courses. Every one of my muscles are knotted up already.

This is a nice camp and very picturesque with a lot of green trees and shrubbery. They say we won’t be here more than two or three months and all indications point to our leaving for overseas sometime this fall.

It is almost definite that none of us will go to O.C.S. or the air corps. But remember I want you to keep this to yourselves because nothing is definite and I don’t want Hada to even suspect anything at all.

I am almost sure I’ll get a 10 or 12 day leave next month sometime and if plans go right I’ll try to spend a couple days home, with you and with Dolores. I’ll know more later.

I’m glad to hear you are doing so well at your new job. Keep it up boy- I know you’ll be a big butcher of your own before long.

Hada is going to send that small radio down so I’ll have something to occupy the couple hours of rest at night. I seen ‘So Proudly We Hail’ tonight and it is an excellent picture so don’t miss it.

I’ll have to confine my writing to Sundays, I guess, so till then-

Love, Beany”

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