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Nellie August 26th, 1943

October 31

Susan and Beany in front of the Robinsdale house

Susan and Beany in front of the Robbinsdale house

“Dear Kids,

We rec’d your letter and coupons, thanks. We sure can use them.

I imagine by now you have seen Milly or talked to her so she has told you about houses and so forth. You asked about Limbachs house but that home isnt fit for a dog to move into. It’s all run down and its so dirty I had to wash my arms and hands when we got home just touching things.

We looked all over and the house Milly planned to buy, why they backed out so she went to Robbinsdale Tues on flier. I dont know whats she doing and farther more she can do what she likes. I dont take no blame for nothing any more. I’m thru and thats final to. We should have lived at Lila’s then I wouldnt have to have to move and kill myself working either.

Well the fair is in full swing. I entered 13 things today, preserves, sauce, flowers and baked stuff. 13 is my luckly number so heres hoping I win out on some prizes.

I ironed and patched this afternoon and brought all that stuff to the fair, roasted a big roast and cleaned this big house all over. So tonite I’m tired and I dont mean maybe. Tomorrow I have to work in the ladies aid stand from 8 tomorrow morning until 5:30 P.M.

I do hope it will clear up as its to bad to have rain now. Ill let you know later if we come down for state fair and if I do I have to go to Inga’s Sat as we were not there at tall this last trup and she felt bad about it. I dont think Dad wants to go to the fair.

Susan told her mother to put her purse full of money as she was going to ride the ponies and merry go round. Shes all worked up about it. I took her out this afternoon a little while. They were putting things up then she wanted to go and ride.

We had a long letter and card from Beany also Cliff. We sent Beany the radio today. We packed it very good. I even put a blanket over it so hope it will come in good shape to him. I wrote Beany a long letter last nite and Cliff the nite before. I had a nice long letter from Dolores yesterday. Her mother is in Chicago.

Well must close for now and Jean Im sending you a gift Saturday so hope you’ll get it for Monday. I didnt have time to go up town today and Friday I’ll be in the stand all day but want to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Greet everybody.



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