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Cliff August 28th, 1943

November 1

The P-38

The P-38

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Isn’t it the dickens that the folks have to move? Darn the luck, they had such a nice place and were so well settled there. I’m anxious to hear what they will do now- Mom wrote that houses are impossible to rent in Appleton as so many of them have been sold. No doubt they will find something, though- they will need help to move, too, as Dad won’t be able to lift on that furniture like he has always done before.

I haven’t heard from Beany yet but expect we’ll hear from him soon. He did send me another of the 8th Division papers.

Mom wrote that they enjoyed themselves in the Cities. It’s too bad this house deal came up or they could have stayed longer.

Hope you have a nice birthday, Jean. I sent you a little gift that I hope you can use- let me know if the color is suitable.

I’m on guard tonight and tomorrow- I’ll be through at 5 o’clock Saturday eve.

Our picnic on Organization Day was a big affair. Everyone had a good time and the program for the day was lots of fun.

Tonight an airplane crashed into the mountain about four miles from here. One of the boys were outside and he happened to notice the lights of the plane just before it crashed. He said he then heard the crash, saw it burst into flames and heard the following explosion. Sound carries a long way here. I went outside and watched the fire for a long time from here. Later we could see rescue parties working their way to the wreckage- their flashlights were plainly visible as they moved up the mountain.

We haven’t heard any details but I imagine there were some lives lost. Someone said the plane was a P-38.

I wonder where Lorne is headed for now- Mom wrote that Milly had a letter from him saying that he was leaving his present location. He has sure been through a lot in this war already.

I sent you a camp paper and an issue of our paper the other day- did you receive them?

Bye for now and write!



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