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Milly September 2nd, 1943

November 3

Women playing golf, 1943

Women playing golf, 1943

“Dear Kids,

Gosh sakes, I never get everything done that I should- I’ve been intending to write ever since I got home but we have more company. Waltmans (the coach and his wife) are staying here while looking for a place to live- so that makes lots of extra work.

Well, Dad seems to have become quite reconciled to moving. He was quiet on Sunday- hardly mentioned it- but since the Waltmans have come and are having such a time finding just rooms- he has cheered up a lot- to think we actually have a house and is disposing of junk right and left.

It’s kind of good for him to have a new interest again. And another new thing helped- he, mom and Susan went to Monte and he found out that he can keep his nights and can come back to work whenever he wants to. So that helps his pride immensely.

We haven’t decided for sure just when we’ll be down. It’ll be either around the 18th or at the end of the month.

I still haven’t heard from Lorne- I suppose I shouldn’t expect to for quite awhile but each day seems so much longer when I don’t hear.

I played golf tonight in the two-ball tournament. Elaine Carlson and I beat Mrs. Carlson and Nils Veum!! Imagine! I felt quite elated! I shall take you on when I move to the Cities!

Jerry, will you send the flag out right away, insured? I promised Carlson he could display it Sat. evening because he assembled the rifle Lorne sent home. Thanks.

Had a card from Beany- He had been to Chattanooga.

Love from us all,


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