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Nellie September 5th, 1943

November 4

Canned fruits and vegetables

Canned fruits and vegetables

“Dearest Jerry and Jean,

Rec’d your letters yesterday thanks. My little Jerry made up his mind he’d like to have his mom and pop down in the Cities. Well Im glad of that. I really feel better about things now. I really was in the dumps about things for awhile.

I haven’t heard from Beany or Cliff this week yet. Well Milly got a card from a place in Tenn Beany spent the weekend and said he ended up with a head cold. I sent them each a box of cookies last Friday.

I’m glad you liked your vases Jean. I thought they were cute. When you have parties you can put a vase of flowers on each card table when you serve lunch. They sure are nice for that.

We have started to pack a lot and I’m selling a lot of my old junk. I sold my rug for $5.00- just what I paid for it and my two white dressers one for $2.00 and one $3.00 and my ice box for $3.00 and I’ve sold a lot of small things. We are selling our heater for $50.00 as stoves are expensive now. We paid $42.50 for it but they have gone up. We might sell it to a school out in the country were Mrs. Little teaches.

We plan to move either the middle of the month around the 15th or we may not till the 28th. Milly wrote to the people who live in the house and asked if they could move out around the 15th.

Dad sold his wood for $23.00 so that wasnt bad. We had planned to come down for the fair but as long as we are moving down soon we didnt want to spend money for that. Guess they are having parties for me next week. I over heard some thing about it. Mrs Little gave a party for Milly Sat afternoon. She gave her the cutest sugar and creamer set and a good-bye card.

Its nice Jerry you took out insurance for your furniture. I have thought about that a lot and said to Dad you kids should, as you have such beautiful furniture. You should on the car to if you havent.

Dad is looking over his railroad papers in his desk just now. The coach in our school and his wife has been staying here all week. Came last Monday morning. So I have boarded and roomed them to besides packing. They couldnt get rooms to live in but they finally got an upstairs now in Lucy B. house and are over cleaning and unpacking today.

They were here last year to and are good friends of Millys but its hard to have company to when one is packing. Our house looks like the dickens. They are the ones who bought my rug, ice box, dresser, and medicine cabinet. Got $20.75 for all. Susan doesn’t like the idea of tearing things up. She said, well what are you doing now.

Our fair wasnt so bad. I got 5 prizes. 1st on dill pickles and cookies and 2nd on plum sauce, jam and sweet peas flowers. So that wasnt bad. I’ll get $1.75 for bringing them up.

Milly is pretty proud about her home so it must be nice. She hasn’t yet heard from Lorne. I just know my Beany will have to go to soon as they are sending so many.

Dad dont mind at tall now about moving. He cant get going fast enough now. He said he wants to look for a light job and said its nothing here in Appleton for him. He feels good. We are having a cake for him Thurs.

Well must close now and we will let you know just when we plan to come. Guess Haas Bros are moving the furniture. They are coming up this week to look at it.

Much Love,

Mom & Dad”

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