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Beany September 6th, 1943

November 7

Military ID Bracelet

Military ID Bracelet

‘Dear Jean and Jerry,

I just discovered I have three letters of yours and I have only written once but the same old excuse is being too busy and I know you understand.

I was sure surprised to hear about the new home Milly bought. It was a smart thing to invest in right now and it will be a swell place for them to live. I think I’ll get my leave the last of the month or the first part of October so the folks should be there by then.

I am going to Milwaukee and see Dolores first and then will come to St. Paul. She said she could probably come with me so we hope our plans work out. Be sure and save us some gas coupons so the four of us can make some hot spots. Sure sounds good, doesn’t it.

I suppose you both think I’m a heel for not remembering your birthday Jean, but I couldn’t buy a thing worth anything here so I’ll remember yours later. You know it’s traditional in our family to remember such things.

I’d like to have you buy that identification bracelet so I’ll have it when I get to see her. I think she wants yellow gold with D.M. Swanstrom and her serial no. on it. I don’t remember it now so if you have lost it let me know and I’ll find it out again. I should know this but Dolores will be 22 too, won’t she? Who knows maybe we’ll be there on her birthday.

If it’s not too cold, I’m going to borrow a set of gabardines from a guy so that should sharpen me up a bit, eh?



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