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Beany September 12th, 1943

November 9

Drinking at the bar, 1940s

Drinking at the bar, 1940s

“Dear Jean,

As you noticed I only titled this to you because you were so sweet to write to me. Jerry will have to read this over your shoulder if you’ll let him. I still feel rather punk from a cold so tonight I’m taking a fellows place on charge of quarters so he could go out.

My plans for my leave have been changed- a schedule was made up and due to my emergency furlough on the desert I was put near the end of the list. If they don’t change my dates they are from October 12-24. Now I know I won’t wear gabardines. I’ve told Dolores and she mentioned once that she may also get a leave in Oct. so here’s hopin’ that we can coordinate them and be in St. Paul together.

Have you enough points and gas coupons to keep us going? I’m only kidding but it would be ideal if it pans out because the folks will be settled then too and we can visit everyone a lot. Maybe you could send your husband on a detail to try and get some alcohol for that good old peacetime drink ‘Select’.

I’m waiting for the hit parade so I can get hip to all the late tunes. It surely seems swell to be back into civilization again. I’ve lost all of my desert tain.

I haven’t heard anymore but from Cliff’s last letter he is probably home now. He expected a leave this week. We always seem to miss seeing one another.

I can imagine how things have changed at Wards. Dolores used to keep me posted on the news but I haven’t heard anything lately. If you see Christ you might tell him I am still existing and would like to hear from him.

I hope you get that bracelet. When it’s finished send it down and let me know the price.

Well pal, I have a few things to do now and be sure you keep writing now and then.

Love, Beany

Pardon the G.I. paper!”

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