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Beany September 20th, 1943

November 14

The G.I. Jive with G.I. Jill

The G.I. Jive with G.I. Jill

“Dear J. & J.,

I got the bracelet today and I think it is a honey. You two have good taste. I’m sure she will like it and if you don’t need the money right now I’ll wait and pay you when I get home.

I still don’t know just when I’ll be home because Dolores hasn’t let me know yet if she can go or not. She is authorized a leave after Nov. 3rd but is going to try and leave when I do as I told you.

Well, it won’t be long until the folks will be your neighbors. I’m anxious to see their new place.

Tomorrow is a nice full field hike of 25 miles so I’m almost ready for the bed. My platoon sergeant is on leave so I am in command for a couple of weeks. I feel like a father waking them up and telling them what and what not to do.

We went to Nashville over the weekend but didn’t do a great deal. There are loads of soldiers in each week from maneuvers and accommodations are very poor for rooms, food, etc. We managed to get a little stinko amongst ourselves.

I got a half page letter from the Wave today and it seems I haven’t been writing enough lately or else she was in an ugly mood. So I had to get the parker out tonight and start writing.

I’ve been listening to some beautiful Viennese Waltzes by Johann Strauss and it brought me back to the good old Pop Concerts in St. Paul. I think I’ll always love that sort of music. Now that I’ve listened to the radio awhile I’m all caught up on the late tunes and there are some good ones. It always makes me think of some occasion when I hear good music. Inspirational stuff, alright.

Well pals, taps have sounded and my eyes are heavy so goodbye for now.

Love, Beany”

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