Nellie September 22nd, 1943

November 15

Troops And Tobacco

Troops And Tobacco

“Dear J. & J.,

Got your letter and also one from Cliff. Thanks. Yes Jerry you cant imagine how I felt when you didnt call me as I thought you said you’d call me Monday nite before I left. But we will just forget that.

If we dont hear from those people this week we expect to move down next Thurs I think. It may be before. We have everything packed only our clothes and canned goods. I hope we can get settled with all before Beany comes.

Milly is getting a can of tobacco ready to send to Lorne. Dad didnt get tired from our last trip. My hair sure is nice. Only hope it will stay that way.

I’ll write you a letter in a day or so. Sniffy isnt well today.


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