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Nellie September 26th, 1943

November 16

Moving Day

Moving Day

“Dearest Jerry & Jean,

I should have wrote you a letter this last week but seems there is so much to do. We have only some of our clothes and kitchen things left to pack. Thank goodness. I’m really sick of packing now.

We have sold so much junk we’ll never miss. We are coming Friday. The truck is going to be here 7:30 in the morning. We are going to try to drive right behind so we can be there when they get there so they can put things were they belong. Otherwise we will have to do so much lifting.

We had a letter from Cliff today and sais they expect to leave in a month maybe before and sais no doubt it will be overseas so I have lost all my pep today. I really honest to goodness feel bad but I know God will take good care of him for me. He is such a swell boy to me, always was.

I hope we get settled before our Beany comes. I’m working nite and day when I get there to get settled. Milly and I were in Monte yesterday and I bought Beany a genuine leather bag like the one Jean you bought for Jerry that Milly bought for Lorne. I paid $4.50 for it. It’s real nice and got him a beautiful card.

I got Dolores a pair hose. We are sending her gift Monday to her. Tonite we are asked to J.S. Nelson’s for supper. We are asked all over. Everybody feels so bad that we are going. I got a pair salt and pepper shakers hand painted for kitchen use from the Past Noble Guard of the lodge Thurs eve at my last meeting. The W.R.C. are giving a party for me this week.

Sniffy is still not feeling well. Hes been acting so funny since Cliff left. He dont eat and just lays around. We gave him worm medicine but it dont seem to help. The coach Mr. Waltman brought some medicine over that he gave his dog. Hope it will help. Dont write and tell Cliff cause he will feel bad. He’ll be O.K. Am going to give him a good bath Monday. He’ll feel better.

Well must close and get this letter off before we go to Nelsons. We’ll be at Robbinsdale Friday sometime in the afternoon we hope if car dont go on a burn. So will be seeing you soon.

Lots of love from us all,


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