Cliff October 11th, 1943

November 21

Newspaper clipping from Cliff

Newspaper clipping from Cliff

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I just found out today that Beany and Dolores were home. It was perfect that they could get home together. I just finished a letter to him and to Inga. Isn’t it too bad about Inga being sick- I hope the doctors can make her well soon. Mom said that she was to take radium treatments.

How was your trip to Wisconsin? How did you happen to get Saturday off, Jerry? It was sure nice that you could do that and go on that outing. I just happened to remember that Sat. was a Jewish holiday- all of our Jewish boys were given those days off here, too.

We expect to leave here in a week or two- we have a good hunch as to where we are going but that is something we can’t be writing about.

I’ve been listening to the fourth world series ball game while I’ve been writing. The game was just over and the Yankees won their third game two to one. It looks like they will take the series now.

I see you kept plenty busy on your days off, Jerry. I’ll bet it seemed funny to be back working in the place you started at in the Cities. Did you mention it to Applebaum?

I’m going to write to Lila today, too, after I finish this and then I’m going to town. Mom said that Lila was leaving for Cal. around the 18th of this month. She’s sure a grand person!

I’m enclosing a clipping taken from a Chicago newspaper- it shows part of our nurses going through the infiltration course. Beany can tell you what it’s all about. We went through it the same day. It wasn’t so bad but it was dirty as h – - l.

What did you get Beany for his birthday? I sent him cash because I thought he could use that better being he is on furlough. I sent Eleanor a card. Well, have a good time while Beany is home and write me all about it.



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