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Cliff October 20th, 1943

November 22

Joe Louis In The Army

Joe Louis In The Army

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

It looks as if our stay in Camp Carson is about over- I believe we’ll be leaving here before another week goes by. We have no definite information but from the looks of things, it won’t be long. You’ll be receiving my new address a couple of days after we leave here.

I see by your letter that Beany had a good time on his furlough. Did he get to spend last weekend in Chicago with Dolores? I imagine his outfit will be leaving soon, too. Our nurses left here a week ago but we have no news of where they went.

I just received an air mail letter from Milly and she wrote about Beany’s leaving, Lila Wells being there, etc.

I received the nice Xmas card from all of you-thanks! Xmas is really coming around early this year!

I’m going on guard tonight and I’ll be on until 4:45 tomorrow night. I had been hoping I wouldn’t catch that duty anymore while here.

I saw a very good show Sunday in Colorado Springs- ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ – have you seen it? The two main stars are Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman.

There is a big boxing show in camp tonight. Joe Louis is putting on an exhibition bout. I won’t be able to go, though, on account of guard duty.

How are you feeling now, Jean? Here’s hoping you are O.K. again!

How about sending those pictures in your next letter. Mom has some, too, that we took in Appleton when I was home. I guess she forgot to send them.

I’ll drop you a line a day or so before we leave here if I can. Bye for now.



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