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Beany November 1st, 1943

November 29

Dolores' Poem

Dolores' Poem

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I’m off schedule again but Sundays seem to be the only day I can write without interruptions. It has rained here nearly every day since I’ve been back. Things are about the same- they are still rushing preparations but nothing is definite. All the Sergeants were issued seven jewel Elgins. I’m sending my other one home with a few other things and I’ll put the picture in the box so you can see them at home.

We had a company beer party last night and I have a raw throat from singing and shouting. Everyone let out their steam. I would have enjoyed being with you eating those steaks. I’ve been pretty idle since my leave but payday is tomorrow and I think I’ll have enough left to go out and buy a good steak again. Thanks for that Scotch- where are the other 9/10′s? Just kidding. I’ll drink it as an appetizer.

I have Cliff’s new address card and just finished writing to him. I guess you know his ring was a little large just as we expected but he thinks it’s swell. Milly also suggested one for Dad and I approve. If he reads this you better censor it so he doesn’t find out.

The rest of the poem

The rest of the poem

Dolores kept those pictures but she is going to send them. Here’s a clever poem she sent me. I think she is in St. Paul this weekend and we may possibly see each other sometime soon if I can rate a three day pass that I’m going to work on. It’s something to look forward to at least.

The news sounds O.K. from Europe- even the most pessimistic correspondents are stating that the German regime is cracking badly and they usually don’t make those rash statements without knowing something.

S’all for now and if I only write on Sundays bear with me as you understand it’s not intentional. How are you these days, Jeanie?

Brother, Beany”

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