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Beany November 8th, 1943

December 1

USO Dance 1943

USO Dance 1943

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Thanks a lot for the nice bracelet- it is very good looking and the boys all complimented me on it. I had to take out about four links on it.

They seem to be rushing preparations here but nothing is definite. I think we may get alerted about the middle of the month. We are going to get new clothing and equip. this coming week.

I’m sorry to hear about Dad but it is nice to know they consulted a specialist and he is under good care.

I haven’t sent those things home yet but I will next week and those pictures will be with the other things.

Jerry, I don’t want to interfere with your plans but if I were you I’d give that new job offer more consideration. If the pay is less and it being only temporary you perhaps wouldn’t benefit much by taking it. Also after the war is over you may not get back into a good spot. The one you’re in now seems to be the best you’ve had. You don’t really need that type of experience, you know.

I still haven’t opened the Scotch but today is a gloomy old rainy day and is rather depressing for a Sunday so I guess I’ll drink a toast to you two. I haven’t done much since I’ve been back. I went to a dance on the post here the other night and had a nice time dancing with a few Waves I know.

Have you heard the song ‘Blue Rain’? I just heard it sung by F. Sinatra. It is a swell piece.

Goodbye for now- I’ll try to write during the week.



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