Beany November 22nd, 1943

December 6

Camp Kilmer, NJ

Camp Kilmer, NJ

“Dear J. & J.,

Sorry for the delay in writing but we’ve been busy. There soon will be a delay in my writing but you’ll know the reason why. You can get more info from the folks.

I see you are almost ready for the new job. I guess that experience will be very beneficial at that to you. You learn all the trade and then teach it to me when I get home. Maybe we could be business partners.

Dolores is coming home again soon- she said she tried to call you the last time she was there.

I won’t be able to do any Xmas shopping but I wish you both a happy one and I’ll be thinking about you.

There is so little to write about right now but I’ll keep you informed the best I can as to our destiny, etc.

Write as often as you can even tho you don’t hear from me very often.

Love, Beany”

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