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Cliff December 25th, 1943

December 19

Pocket Guide To New Caledonia

Pocket Guide To New Caledonia

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I received two of your letters on the 21st- one was dated Nov. 23rd and the other Dec. 8th. So I received your sixth letter before I got your fifth one.

I’m glad you finally got word from me- I know it took a long time. There are many things I’d like to tell you, but they’ll have to wait until I get home again. Beany, Lorne and I will have plenty of stories to tell.

Today was a warm day. It seems funny to be perspiring in a hot sun at Xmas time. This will be the first Xmas I’ve ever spent without seeing a little snow.

I wrote to Beany and the folks a couple of days ago. I sent Beany’s letter to his new address. If he has gone by now, I hope he received one of my letters before he left.

It’s swell that you like your job, Jerry, and it was nice of you to help Applebaum in your spare time.

Mom wrote me about her job. It seems funny to hear of Hada working. I know she wants to do something but if she gets too tired you better see that she quits.

The change in our A.P.O. number is just a matter of Army routine. Don’t forget to mail your letters to 708- it may make a difference in the time it takes for them to get here. Write often to both Beany and I because mail call is one of our big events overseas.

Last Sunday after washing my clothes I went to a nice beach to swim. We have several good places to swim here and it’s great to go on some of those warm days.

I’ve been seeing two or three shows a week- most of them I’d seen in the States. I wrote home for candy and stationary but I think I’ll be able to get all I need here so it won’t be necessary to send either very often. I’m sending Hada a request in my next letter so that she can send me the Star Journal. I’ve gotten only two Appleton papers- dated Oct. 22nd and 29th. Papers will take quite a while to reach here.

Hope you had a nice Xmas- be sure to write me all about everything you did. I sent a little money home to get you all a little gift.

It’s time for evening chow now so I must close. Write often.



Happy New Year!”

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