Beany January 11th, 1944

December 27

Camp in Northern Ireland

Camp in Northern Ireland

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

A new year already and we hope it’s the last one of the war, eh? Sorry for the delay but they can’t be avoided. I’m feeling quite well- I should with good hours and outdoor living.

I’m soon going to be a staff sgt. under a new organization in the infantry so now I may be able to save some dough. I have made an allotment for $60 a month to Milly and she is going to keep it for me. Tell her the first one should come in February.

I suppose you are having some wintry weather these days- I miss those Minn. winters. I doubt if I’ll ever leave that state again when I get back. I’ve had my fill of traveling!

Jean and you are probably suffering from celebrating last night. I had one drink and a toast as the year came in but it was just another day to us. If you write V-mail it will get here quicker. This new money we are using is certainly quaint.

Love, Beany”

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