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Beany January 18th, 1944

January 2

Nissen Huts For American Troops, Northern Ireland

Nissen Huts For American Troops, Northern Ireland

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Milly’s letter came yesterday with the news about Dad passing away. I am badly shaken up about it and being so far away makes me feel so helpless to try to console everyone else. You at home no doubt have suffered the biggest burden and I know from Milly’s letter that all of you done everything in the best way you could.

She wrote a wonderful letter about it all so I could imagine how everything went. I was under the impression he was getting better all the while but a heart disease can strike fast. It was nice that he didn’t suffer like he did before.

Jerry, I know you will help them out a lot because you are now the one who must keep things going as happily as possible until the rest of us can return. I know you’ll do a mans job of it. Please see that Mom and Milly are kept busy and get around a lot because they both have had some trying days the past couple of years.

Rest assured that Cliff and I will hold up our end and tell them not to worry about us as they have enough to do now. I have made another allotment out to Milly for $60 besides the one Cliff and I had and told Mom to use it for my share of the expenses and for her needs so she should have enough.

It won’t be very pleasant returning without Dad there but we will all continue our faith and hope that the rest of us can get back together and live our normal life together with the loving memories of him. I’m glad all of you had a nice Xmas and that he had rec’d word from both Cliff and I.

I am a staff sergeant now as I explained to you before. The rating came thru on January 8th. With my overseas additional pay I am getting good pay and about all we can spend is a few dollars (shillings!) a month for our bare necessities which are strictly rationed.

I’m glad you like your new job so well. Has it been very cold there?

Love, Brother Beany”

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