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Cliff January 28th, 1944

January 4

Hospital New Hebrides

Hospital New Hebrides

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Yesterday I received your letter of Jan. 10th- I had been rather impatient waiting for news from home. I knew that you were waiting to be sure I received the first letter before you wrote again.

It doesn’t seem true to me yet that Dad is gone from us- especially being so far away from home. I want to thank you and Milly, Jerry, for writing such nice letters explaining everything. I hope Mom will write soon, too. Lorne wrote a few lines when he heard the news and of course felt very badly about it.

Who sent the flowers from Appleton? Where is the cemetery located, Jerry?

I received your letter of Dec. 27th. I see that you had a very enjoyable Xmas and all received some very nice gifts. Thanks for the little calendar- it’s very handy.

A V-mail came from Beany dated Jan 1st. He mentioned about his arrival in Ireland and that he was O.K. It took 20 days for his V-mail to reach here.

By now you know the area in which I am located. I am getting along fine and am well. Take good care of yourselves and write often.

Please send some candy and food.



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