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Cliff February 1st, 1944

January 9

Cliff In His Tent

Cliff In His Tent

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Received your V-mail of the 19th- Milly’s V-mail and Mom’s letter of the 21st came at the same time. V-mail usually gets here the quickest so I suggest that you use it most of the time. I’ve had only one V-mail from Beany so far. He mentioned that he was getting a promotion soon.

I’m glad that Mom went to Appleton- she needs to be kept busy so that she doesn’t have too much time to think about things. I imagine that it is very lonesome at home now.

What are you doing at work now, Jerry? Will you be kept at the same plant or will you be sent from one to another?

Greet your family from me, Jean, and thank them for the Xmas card they sent me.

Bye for now. Write often.

Love, Cliff”

  • Lindagartz

    Hi Amy,
    I found your interview on Geneabloggers. This is just great! I, too, have about 300 WWII letters — from both sides of the family. I’ve just digitized all and am considering doing a similar blog next year, starting 70 years to the date of the first letters. Your family must be thrilled! I have so much family documentation, I’m sharing a sampling on my blog.

  • Wendy

    Hello Amy, I’m visiting you from Geneabloggers.  I read Gini’s interview.  You’re so lucky to have those letters.  This is a wonderful project.  Keep up the good work.

  • Amy Jurries

    Thank you Wendy and Linda! It has been a ton of fun and very special for me to be able to share all these letters. Linda- I am excited you are going to share yours as well. Can’t wait to read your blog!

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