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Cliff February 15th, 1944

January 16

Battle For Tarawa

Battle For Tarawa

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Your V-mail of the 31st came today along with two letters from Mom, one from Lorne and also Lila. I have a package at the post-office here that may be the one you sent. I am on C.Q. tonight so I didn’t have time to call for it.

I just finished letters to Beany and home. I’ve been writing home real often. I know our letters will be a comfort to Mom. Lila expressed her sympathy in her letter and she wrote a long, newsy one. She is really a grand person.

Lorne has been ill with a throat infection as you may know by now. His letter was dated Feb. 8th and he was in the hospital then. He was much improved, he said.

Well, Brother Beany is a staff sgt. now. He is doing very well. I hope things are over in that theatre before very long.

I saw the show ‘Winterland’ here and also back in the States. About half the pictures that were shown here for the first couple of months I had seen before.

Are you still working overtime, Jerry? I see that you have been very busy, too, Jean. I wish I could be with you tonight and enjoy one of those wonderful steaks you cook.

Mom sent me another picture of Susan. It is very cute of her. She is wearing the dress, muff and bonnet that Dad and Mom gave her for Xmas. She certainly must be growing.

I don’t know what to think about Mom’s idea of going to work. Do you think she should? Perhaps it will keep her mind off things.

Lila wrote that Butch Harstad had been in the battle of Tarawa- no doubt you have read about that. Did you see Buck K. when he was home on furlough?

Bye for now and write often. How about some candy and food?

Love, Cliff”

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