Cliff February 23rd, 1944

January 17

Station Hospital New Hebrides

Station Hospital New Hebrides

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Your V-mail of the 7th came on the 21st. I’ve also heard from Mom, Milly & Dolores in the past couple of days. I’ve been writing home real often because I know it will help. I expect that you read our letters when you go to Robbinsdale.

I want you to tell me exactly how Mom and Milly are taking things now. Inga wrote that Milly had lost weight. How is she getting along? I know that you all miss Dad more and more each day- he was very good to us all.

Mom and Milly wrote that you had been doing things for them at home- that’s swell of you and I know you are both busy, too. I hope to be doing my regualr work here soon. I have had a variety of jobs in the past few weeks. There isn’t anything I need at present- keep writing.

Love, Cliff”

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