Cliff March 6th, 1944

January 24

Joking Around, New Hebrides

Joking Around, New Hebrides

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Just finished reading your letter of Feb. 22nd. Thanks for the pictures- they are very good. Dad looked fine on the picture taken at Thanksgiving, didn’t he?

A V-mail came from Mom tonight, too. She said that you were O.K. now, Jean. After being ill some time ago. Yes Jerry, it was a shock to get a letter from Jean, but a very pleasant one!

My last letter from Beany was dated Jan. 30th- it takes about a month for our mail to reach one another. It took only one day for Lorne’s last letter to reach me. He is getting closer to me, I guess. It would be great to meet him out here.

I’d like to have you send me a box of goodies- don’t send gum or cigarettes, though. We buy cigarettes here for fifty cents a carton.

No news from here except that I am feeling fine. I know you are both very busy but write often.

Bye now-

Love, Cliff”

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