Beany March 14th, 1944

January 27

War Time Blackout In London 1944

War Time Blackout In London 1944

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Thank you for the nice letter, Jean. It was very enjoyable. Everything is still O.K. here and we are still training diligently for the big affair.

We still haven’t lost any ball games altho a couple were overtime periods. I have been taking a beating from falls. A sore shoulder, knee, back, and elbow but none are serious. My back hurt awhile but an Xray showed nothing.

It is getting more like Spring here now. They have started giving furloughs and some are to London so I’m hoping I get to see the place and all the points of interest. One fellow was there and had the pleasure of witnessing a few air raids. He told us a great deal about the place.

I’m sorry that mail is delayed and I don’t have much to write about but it is at least news from me. I hope everything is well with all of you.

P.S. Here’s a request for some Fanny Farmer Candy. Can you fill it?

Love, Beany”

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