Beany March 20th, 1944

January 31

Meat Inspection WWII

Meat Inspection WWII

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I rec’d your welcome letter, Jean and the sorry note later. It was very clever and I wished you would write more.

Time seems to be going fast over here- I hope things start popping soon so we can come back to the good old U.S. It surely seems a long way off- perhaps because no definite time is known when we will be able to see it again.

Nothing much has changed since we landed. I still play B.B. and we still have a perfect record. We see an occasional show now and then and our turn for a pass also rolls around. I’m soon going to get a few days furlough that I plan to spend in Belfast. My other plans are no longer possible at present.

I might have eaten some of your inspected meat, there Doc. The other day a few boxes came in that had gone thru Snelling. Your pkge hasn’t come yet but I am anxiously awaiting it. Right now I am eating up the Vitamin Pills that Hada sent.

I see they are starting a heavy drive for married men. Does your job exempt you from being called? Whether you’re called or not you have certainly been most fortunate. It’s starting to seem like eternity since I enjoyed all those comforts that once were realities. I wonder how things will be when the conversion finally comes. There’s no use thinking about it again. I guess I’ve tried to imagine it thousands of times.

Even if I don’t write too often it’s not always because of time but there certainly is nothing of interest to write about. Happy Easter!

Love, Beany”

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