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Lorne March 25th, 1944

February 2

Tokyo Rose

Tokyo Rose

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Thanks a lot for your birthday card. It is true I have lost some buttons, but not from throwing out my chest. I really got far during our ‘rest’, but I’m starting to lose it again and I’m nearly back to normal.

I’m sitting here listening to the radio. We were able to get a radio together and it works pretty well. As you can imagine we get all sorts of strange programs down here in almost every language.

Believe it or not our favorite station is Radio Tokyo. The best part is the Japanese News broadcasts and then they have the ‘Zero Hour’. It’s a program of the latest American swing music. Then a fellow who must be American or know America very well comes on and reminds us of the corner drugstore and all the good times back home and finally that some 4-F’er is probably taking out your best girl. Then ‘Tokyo Rose’, a woman, comes on and runs down the Roosevelt Administration and everything else American.

So long for now.

Sincerely, Lorne”

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